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I am a lawyer committed to supporting artisan and small scale independent food producers and retailers.

I want to see a change in people’s attitude to food, farming and sustainability which involves a true appreciation of the journey food takes to reach your plate, a sincere respect for farmers and an understanding that a sustainable food system does not, and cannot, exist in a factory.

More than 22 years working in the public sector, 10 years as chief legal officer of one of the largest metropolitan authorities in England, have provided me with a clear understanding of the legal and regulatory framework within which artisan and small scale food producers have to work. More recently I was a director and chair of Slow Food UK and a member of the board of directors of Slow Food International.

It struck me during my time working with Slow Food just how high the mountain is for a small food producer to climb to get to grips with the complexity of legislation and regulation, most of which is common throughout Europe.

I have been privileged to meet many true artisan producers throughout Europe and further afield. A common and repeated refrain has been to express exasperation at the impenetrability of food law. Notwithstanding this, I have been impressed by the passion and dedication the producers I met have shown in producing remarkable, high quality food with respect for and in harmony with the environment. There is, however, no question that the artisan and small scale food producer faces a disproportionate regulatory burden.

The Artisan Food Law Library can be viewed in its entirety completely free of charge. I hope, however, that you will subscribe and enjoy additional benefits, not least a little practical help in navigating this complex area of law. You would also be helping to develop new, relevant and useful content. What you see here now is only the start!

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